Small Animal Rescue, Inc.
Located in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York helping small animals from teenie Fancy Mice to Flemish Giant Rabbits,  find FUREVER homes where they will be spoiled with love.  Sorry, but we are not set up to care for cats, dogs, birds or reptiles.

Happy Endings

These furry babies have found their happily ever after!  If you adopted your newest family member from My Hopes In You and want your baby published on this page, please email us a picture and a few words about what adoption has done for YOU ♥



Penelope &








Graham (in front, shortly after we brought him home from MHIY) quickly bonded with Dani and now they are buddies who binky all over the place. My husband and I

watch much less TV these days, as we are so transfixed watching "Bunnyvision." With his good nature and white stretchy Superman legs, Graham brings so much joy to our lives. Thank you, Deena and MHIY!   


When my bunny Sweat Pea passed away, in my arms a few years ago, I thought I could never love another bunny the way I did him.  He was such a great boy, so loving and gentle.  But after some time passed, I decided it was time to adopt another bunny.  I have always loved animals ever since I was a little girl.  Anyways, I found Scooter on and he was at My Hope's In You Small Animal Rescue, Inc.  I saw his picture and just knew I had to adopt him.  I went to meet him and also met some other bunnies that day, but something kept bringing me back to him. And that day he came home with me and he has made us such a happy girl.  He can be grumpy at time, and a biter, but I LOVE him so much!


I've been wanting a guinea pig for a while now.  And from time to time I glance at the adoptable animals on My Hopes In You Small Animal Rescue's website on facebook and thats when I saw Andy.  My birthday was coming and my wonderful boyfriend talked my parents into allowing me to adopt him.  Something in my heart told me he was the one I was going to adopt.  It may sound corny but when I saw his picture and met him it was love at first sight! 
 He makes me incredibly happy.  His disposition is outgoing, friendly, a little shy at times too, but he is so cuddly and wants a good home, love and safety..which is exactly what he got when he came to my house.  There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain how Andy makes me feel. Some people think I am crazy but I love animals so much and I love Andy so much.  We are two peas in a pod.


Female Holland Lop
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