MY HOPES IN YOU Small Animal Rescue, Inc.
Located in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York helping small animals from teenie Fancy Mice to Flemish Giant Rabbits,  find FUREVER homes where they will be spoiled with love.  Sorry, but we are not set up to care for cats, dogs, birds or reptiles.
"A Rescued pet should only have to be rescued ONCE."
*We are a family run rescue including my husband Rob, my children Daniella, Christopher, and Gianni, my mom Donna,  Myself (Deana), and of course all of you ♥ 

* We strive to educate small animal owners on proper care.   When considering  the addition of a pet to the household the commitment involved is for the remainder of their new furry family members life. 

* We work hard to explain that a small animal should not be considered  just a "starter pet" who could later be replaced by a "bigger" or "better" pet.  While small animals may be little,  their love, compassion and antics proves their hearts to be HUGE and through their hearts you can experience your first true pet love. 

* We help find loving homes for small animals who are tossed in the trash, forgot about in cages, left outdoors to fend for themselves, or sent to slaughter after being  made to breed repeatedly to make their owners money.  Instead of biting the hand that took away their babies and forced pregnancy after pregnancy upon them, they would instead sit quietly and watch or else their horrific  fate was brought on sooner.  Our very own Thumpette and Buck were rescued from slaughter. Thumpette and Buck came to us in deplorable conditions due to the irresponsible people who owned them.  Their previous owners cared more for the money these wonderful creatures could bring them rather than the health and well being of the animals themselves. They now and always will remain our spokes bunnies for the better treatment of "farm animals". 

With your  support, we are able to continue helping small animals find their FUREVER homes and a chance at Love.

Thank you all for helping us to remind people that our furry friends may be small,  but their courage, strength and love prove that their pure hearts are forever forgiving and loving making them HUGE! 

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