Thumpette (left), a Flemish Giant/Chinchilla cross 

Buck (right), a purebred English Lop, who has two tattoos from prior breeders 

Both are slaughter auction rescues and our spokes-bunnies ♥
Located in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York helping small animals from teenie Fancy Mice to Flemish Giant Rabbits,  find FUREVER homes where they will be spoiled with love.  Sorry, but we are not set up to care for cats, dogs, birds or reptiles.

Our Mission

Well, here we day we stumbled upon a 10 gallon fish tank with 16 adult gerbils in poor health...and now, striving to open a fun and educational center where adults and children can learn all about how to care for their first pets responsibly.

After doing a little digging, we have found that most first pets are of the pocket variety; gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs etc.   We have also come to discover the HUGE link that very first pet love has to the way we love in other areas.  First pets are often the first stepping stones we give our children to teach 'responsibility' .  Now while that seems great in theory, the truth is that they will forget to feed their pets, or change the water and/or bedding.  They will go days without really paying their pet mind because of sports, parties and other such activities.  We agree that children are children and the above WILL happen.  The question though is what will you as the childs parent/guardian do?  While we can use first pets to teach responsibility, if we choose to 'get rid' of that very same pet because the cage wasn't cleaned, or the water not changed or the food not given, doesn't that teach our children to give up when the going gets tough?  I have yet to meet an adult who doesn't remember their first pet.  This is a chance to make a lasting impression on our children.  An experience they will be able to reflect on the rest of their lives. 

If you are considering teaching your child to be responsible for something small so that they can become responsible for a larger pet, please do not give away the first pet.  Consider teaching them that even though they have a new bigger pet, the first pet is still there counting on them to love and care for it.  Show them that you cannot replace love, or trade up for a bigger love, but rather that their hearts are big enough to love another just as much.  This will have such a wonderful impact on not just pets, but their relationships with others.  We have all heard the old saying "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold".

Our goal is to teach compassion through small animals, which in turn can help children to be compassionate toward others in their adult hood.  We want the stories of the abandoned, neglected and abused animals here to touch the hearts of our community, so that when they see the weak become strong and the sick become healthy they will know they helped make it happen.  Giving our youth something positive to pay forward is what our future relies on.

Please find us on FaceBook.  Share our community page.  Email us if there is an area you would like to help us in.  We are NOTHING without all of you!
Small Animal Rescue, Inc.
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