Small Animal Rescue, Inc.
Located in the Mid Hudson Valley, New York helping small animals from teenie Fancy Mice to Flemish Giant Rabbits,  find FUREVER homes where they will be spoiled with love.  Sorry, but we are not set up to care for cats, dogs, birds or reptiles.

♥ Wishlist ♥

There are several ways you can help!


We are constantly caring for numerous orphaned or neglected small animals.  The costs can be staggering, especially when surgeries are involved.  We need help with our monthly expenses to care for these babies as well as food, hay, vitamins, bedding and so much more.  We are not state funded.  This rescue is supported solely by people like you ♥  

Thank you for being a part of helping the lives of the critters in our care!  Every little bit helps!


There are many items that are always needed to help offset the increasing cost of running the rescue.  Some of the things we could use are listed below.  If you have and can donate any of these items, or something you think we could use, please Contact Us!

Equine Pine Bedding
Carefresh Bedding
High back litter boxes (small and large)
Water Bottles (preferable wide mouth for easy cleaning)
Purina Rabbit Chow
Sweet Meadow Farms Guinea Pig Blend Pellets
Sweet Meadow Farms Bulk Timothy Hay
Sweet Meadow Farms Rabbit Timothy Pellets
Applewood sticks, toys and fleece beds
Oxbow Rat Food
Kitten Revolution
Paper towels
Disposable Rubber Gloves
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